Papyrus Dining Table

£2,152.00 inc. Vat

PAPYRUS is an iconic dining table in the Akante catalogue. With a 3mm thick plate of Spanish ceramic glued upon 6 mm of tempered glass, PAPYRUS is highly resistant. When closed it measures 90 cm by 150 cm. It also has two extensions both 30 cm large and embedded beneath the central plate. You can fold out the extensions to make your rectangular table become a 150 cm square table. The Papyrus base is made of lacquered steel. The crisscrossed legs pattern shaped like a star is not only a beauty to behold but it also gives the table great stability. The Papyrus table comes in 6 different types of ceramic.

Size: 150 x 90/150 x 76cm

Finish: Black Lacquered Steel

Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks